protect your valuables elegantly

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Presenting a new type of wallet
that protects against fraud in the new WI-FI era

the only wallet you will ever need

Keep your cards SAFE

Thanks to the C-Secure cardholder; your RFID credit cards are:
- Secured from being read by outsiders

- Safe from being scartched

- Guarded from being broken

Ease of use

Use your cards WITHOUT opening your wallet.
Just push-up the side slider, and - BINGO - all your cards in front of you to choose from.

Multi use

Not made only for credit cards, The C-Secure cardholder is essential for holding and protecting up to six of your most important cards, such as your ID, Driving license, etc..


Blocks unwanted reading of RFID

If your RFID cards, such as Touch'n'Go, ID cards or the latest generation of credit cards, are not adepuately protected, they can be detected and copied from distance, without you noticing. This can happen anytime, anywhere and by anyone who has a wireless cardholder, because the radio waves will easily cross any fabric or leather. The C-Secure cardholder will protect your cards by effectively blocking these radio waves.
[RFID = Radio Frequency IDentification]

Prevent Cards from becoming Brittle

Leather absorbs chemicals from plastic cards, which makes the cards brittle and increases the risk of them breaking and cracking. This problem is avoided because the C-Secure cardholder is made of Aluminum.

Protects against Bending and Breaking

When using standard-sized wallets in your backpocket, cards are often forced into a curved shape. This, together with the chemical interaction with leather, can cause your cards to be completely damaged within a year. Because of the C-Secure cardholder aluminum casing, this problem is solved forever.

Ease of use

Position the card in the rear of your stack of cards. When you slide your cards out, the card will be out far enough to be detected by the card reader at gate. Once the chip has been detected, slide the cards back inside for immediate protection.